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Although I have been painting abstracts for several years now, currently I have focused my efforts on reverse painting on Acrylic panels

An art , derived from an age-old technique using glass that was popular during the Renaissance in Europe and whose cultural origins go back even further to India and China.

I have incorporated this style into my work by using Acrylic as my canvas, which gives each piece a unique luminosity.

Each painting is constructed with numerous layers of paint, creating its unique texture, colors, and movement.

 What is normally painted first on canvas is painted last on the Acrylic glass.

I do not see the final image until I can turn the painting over.

To paint in this manner, you have to trust in the choices of colors and composition while having to stay positive in your visualization, as  mistakes can be unforgiving, and be able to accept the serendipity of the creative process.

 I find it’s not a matter of understanding my art, it’s only a matter of loving what you see and how it makes you feel...

Abstract painting to me, is like a puzzle that has many possible conclusions.

At the end, the finish product may not be anything like the original concept.

Through the process it has evolved into its own being, and by the end it’s just a matter of finding balance and unity.

My paintings usually begin with a visual concept that makes me want to explore it more and bring it new life and continuing that process until it walks a fine line between conscious intention and chance occurrence.

As a self taught artist ,I am constantly exploring and learning new  techniques  express myself.

I paint what excites me and in return hopefully will stimulate something with in others.

"Everyone discusses (my art) pretends or tries to understand it, as if it was necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love" 

When someone can look at a painting and see a story in it, one that they create, this kind of conversation is my favorite, when someone can point out something in my works that even I never knew was there.

gary l hartsfield

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